Celia Dawson
Celia Dawson shamanism



I completed a three-year course with the Sacred Trust in Dorset to qualify as a Shamanic Practitioner (www.sacredtrust.org)


Everyone has their own, personal spirit teachers, just waiting to help them. I can teach you to enter into an altered state, using the beat of a drum to meet your own power animals and guiding spirits.


I can also perform healing ceremonies, such as


Extraction: to remove any foreign energies from your energy field that might be affecting you

Soul Retrieval: When you suffer a trauma, sometimes a part of your soul can be split off. I can journey to find it and bring it back to you

Psychopomp: Often spirits of people who have died do not travel to the upper world where they are supposed to go and they stay around in this world. I can send them up to the light

Depossession: I can remove spirits that have attached themselves to people.


Please email me at celiaanndawson@hotmail.com for further information