Celia Dawson
Celia Dawson Testimonials



I have known Celia for years and am always struck by the power and depth of her work. She is a gentle and caring soul and those qualities are found in all parts of her interactions.  There is an authentic nature, a willingness to get to the heart of the matter and see things for what they are and need to be that I appreciate from her. A beautiful practitioner, one that brings the right kind of healing where it's needed.

Jerome Salyers


In the short time that I have been working with Celia I have noticed a profound shift in my inner and outer world. Her extraordinary ability to hold a non invasive, compassionate and safe space coupled with the depth of work that she has clearly done herself, has allowed me to shed light and love on the darkest of my shadows and retrieve and embrace lost aspects of myself. I highly recommend her to anyone on the healing path.

Francis (5Rhythms teacher)­



Thank you for all your wonderful help over the past few years.

The Shamanic journeying I have with you have always been very insightful

and the focusing sessions I have with you are also always tremendously useful.

You may remember, last year I suddenly developed an excruciating pain in my shoulder, I hadn't damaged it, it just came out of the blue without any previous issue. I had 4 sessions with an excellent Chiropractor over 6 days, this treatment made no difference, I also consulted with a Dr of Acupuncture but this also had no impact on alleviating the pain. I then contacted you to see if you could help, I had a healing session with you and within 48 hrs I was out of pain, I have not had a reoccurrence. 

Liz Cunningham, Registered Naturopath 


Celia is a gifted teacher of practical focusing skills. She has a brilliant touch for building confidence in new inexperienced focusers and enabling them to turn their attention inward, find their felt senses and bring compassionate attention to them. She has very wide experience of focusing and I  have found her to be an astute and supportive supervisor during my training.

Madeleine Kay


"Celia taught me focusing through a combination of theoretical learning and experiential practice, which was invaluable.  I have found what I learned hugely valuable - both personally and in my professional coaching practice".

Julie Allan, Julie Allan Coaching


I have worked with Celia as a client, pupil and colleague for over five years and have always been impressed, not just by her breadth of knowledge and experience, but especially by her selfless commitment to anyone who asks her for help. She has earned the love and gratitude of all those who are blessed to have worked with her and have witnessed her patience, honesty, acceptance and modesty. Because she has worked in counselling and therapy for many years she is well known and highly regarded by local professionals.

Paul Bryden


I would like to express my great thanks to Celia, fantastic Focuser, Shaman and friend. Celia had been with me in the darkest hours of grief, supporting me warmly in need. Thanks to Celia I have developed inner wisdom by shamanic training and exciting regular shamanic meetings. I feel well supported in focusing, the most I like dream work. I can ensure you, that after some time, body messages come with ease, what increase general well being, confidence and calmness in challenging situations.

Kate Hagno


I was unsure if focusing would be right for me, I had to a lot of issues to deal with and didn't know where to start.  Celia created a very safe, kind and non judgmental space for me, and I was surprised how much better I felt after only a few sessions. I now feel back in control of my life and would recommend focusing to anyone who is feeling stuck.  I've gained a tool that I can use again and again


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